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Celexa a second time

Posted by bluebutterfly , 04 December 2013 · 189 views

I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow--after four weeks on Celexa, I still feel terrible. I don't understand what's going on--it was pretty effective before.  I wish I'd never gone off of it--now being stable and having a reasonably normal life sounds like an impossible dream.  Even though I had that only a few months ago.  The Celexa is making me feel anxious, which it never did before--I always found it sedating.  Several months of depression and two months of severe depression have crushed my confidence and really ground me down.  I wake up in the morning and can't believe I have to get through another day.  I've been going to the gym every day which definitely helps but I'm still depressed, anxious and unmotivated.  
I'm meeting a friend for dinner tonight and with other friends for dinner Friday evening.  I've been very socially isolated so I'm hoping being around people helps.  I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow.  I feel hopeless though. 

Dec 06 2013 05:49 AM
I take 40mg of celexa. It helps the depression but my anxiety I still have to work on
Dec 06 2013 11:01 AM

Thanks for the feedback, Ludditesunited.  I'm glad Celexa helps you--hope it helps me too soon.  

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