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working on getting back to fiction writing

Posted by bluebutterfly , 07 July 2013 · 103 views

I've been working lately with setting manageable goals so that I can slowly ease myself out of this depressive episode. Trying to remember that what is routine on a good day will be very difficult now, and I have to set bite size, reasonable goals.

I've decided I'm ready to take on a bigger goal--getting back to writing. I am a writer but I haven't worked on my fiction writing in a month. Though I have been writing every day in a journal and also keeping this blog. I was invited to do a reading two weeks ago with my writing collective and I just couldn't do it. All the people I'm closest to in my writing group did the reading and I feel so disappointed I wasn't up to it.

I'm going to set a writing goal for this week, though. I have a membership at a wonderful fiction library that has a beautiful reading room where you can write. It's very quiet and has leather armchairs and windows. It also has no internet access-a big plus since I don't need the distraction right now. I decided that my goal would be to go to this reading room and set a timer for an hour. During that hour I can do anything that is related to my fiction writing. I can read the comments from my writing group on my last piece. I can do a writing prompt. I can browse in the library for a book that will inspire me. Anything.

I'm feeling enthusiastic about this idea. I have a pack of cards called the Rumi tarot cards that I've never used. Each card has a line of poetry by Rumi and a lovely image. I've been thinking for a while that the Rumi tarot cards would be great for a writing prompt--pick a card and use it for a free write. So that would be a fun thing to do during the hour.

So that is my goal--if it is too big, I will try setting a smaller goal.

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