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Posted by blueboots21 , 07 July 2013 · 209 views

So...my mom said awhile back that she wasn't going to tell me to talk to my adopted-father (abuser). BUTTTT...this morning, she said that she couldn't get him off wanting to talk to me and that she wanted me to just talk to him. Hmmm, talking in circles much? Oh and she told me how when he was first arrested, she tried to cut him off completely, tried to talk to someone about everything she was going through...and how she went through 3 weeks of depression. How as soon as she wrote a nice letter, saying how she was going to help him turn towards God, everything got better for her. I told this all to a good friend of mine, who said, Oh well I'm glad she only had to suffer for 3 weeks. 3 weeks vs. 3 years....hmmmm....One of the other big topics she got onto, trying to convince me to talk to him, was that it was my Christian duty to help him. Okay, so I'm 18 and haven't been to church that much but come on...even I know that's not how it works. Why do my parents insist on MANIPULATING me and trying to GUILT me? My friend told me that I just need to lay low and keep my mouth shut....

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