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Posted by blueboots21 , 18 June 2013 · 81 views

It was my dad. And i didn't find out til afterwords that he was my adopted father. I know that doesn't make a difference. But, when I was little I had this unexplainable fear of him. Mom told me not to fear him because he was my dad. So, I pushed those fears away. Fast forward to about 8-12. I didn't listen. Wouldn't listen to him. He smacked me around and finally broke me to jump at his command. At thirteen, he came into the bathroom as I was getting out of the shower. He told me to drop my towel. I did. He walked around me and I told him that I was uncomfortable. He brushed it off. We moved and everything seemed fine. I was sixteen when he told me about masterbation. He told me how and then he watched me. He said he wanted to teach me everything. He broke me soon after. The more I resisted, the more persistent he was. And I didn't speak up because I didn't want to hurt anyone. I was trying to protect everyone else at the cost of my sainity. I separated my body and mind to keep myself from going crazy. And now, he's still waiting to be sentenced. In jail and wanting me to help him lessen his time. Which, I already have. I convinced the court to take his plea deal of a minimum of 10 years...which was 5 years less than they were going to start him at. And, he wants me to talk to him...I did for a bit but he spouts so much bs...and he wants me to write...and i did for a lil bit...the last letter..I just explained what I felt and am feeling and he asked for "nicer" letters. I hope I can figure this out...everything has and is so twisted

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