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Posted by Orchid , 26 July 2013 · 216 views

I hear very often people make statements of judgement about where a person is in their life...If they struggle with drugs, alcohol, sex, self harm, addictions, etc. People often say "Well they made those choices". I have a problem with that statement. The reason why is so many times humans coming from trauma are taught they can't make choice...



Posted by Orchid , 12 July 2013 · 112 views

You would think that as much as all of us have been through, none of us would have expectations of humans. The problem is I still do. I expect people to behave and react according to my beliefs, and behaviors. People rarely measure up to this standard so I'm faced with grief. Grief of needs not being met even when verbalized. Grief of disappointm...


Music and food

Posted by Orchid , 11 July 2013 · 125 views

Grapes, cheese, and Violin Concerto this a.m. These little moments of how good life can taste and feel is what balances out some of the difficult challenges of pain and growth. Lot's of fresh water to flush out toxins, and a massage appointment this afternoon. Love these days of healthy self care and support.


Today is going to be rough

Posted by Orchid , 08 July 2013 · 113 views

So...YEARS ago I faced my abuse head on. I deleted everything and everyone from my life that wasn't healthy for ME. I started a new life, found peace and happiness. I built a small home, was raising my daughter and took care of myself. I lived like this for a few years. I dated, but I was looking for someone opposite than my previous relationships...


Making a change

Posted by Orchid , 02 July 2013 · 145 views

I'm at that point in life where changes are happening at a rapid pace, but at the same time it feels like forever before I'm through this particual cycle of change. My body is so tired, but every time there is pain and change there is growth. I wish I had a magic glass that I could see where my choices and this change leads me so I could know wh...

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