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Nightmares & sleeping

Posted by dreamcatcher95 , 10 June 2013 · 38 views

so i cant sleep, not for the life of me, it has been 5 days now without a even a tiny nap and its really getting to me! i try every single night to snuggle up in my duvet and try to fall asleep but i just cant, its impossible. what if i have a nightmare? what if i have a night terror, i hate them so much. it scares me to even think about going to bed. i start getting really worried and worked up at about 6-7pm and then my anxiety just rockets all through the evening untill i can only cry and wish if i do fall asleep i dont have a nightmare, or wake up screaming.

if i do fall asleep and wake up due to a nightmare, i turn my light on name the things in my room and just breath and im sort of getting the hang of that now finally, its just the getting to sleep part i cant handle, sleep damn right terrifies me, i just wish there was something i could do :bawling:

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