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Posted by BEAANS , 03 August 2013 · 206 views

I've been having trouble with scars lately. It's something I can't really talk about. I need to approach the topic in therapy but I don't feel brave enough. I would find it much easier to get on with things if I didn't have constant physical reminders of what happened to me. It feels as though my scars aren't a part of my body, or they're a part of my body that no longer belongs to me - they belong to them. And I have to acknowledge that all of the time. i wish it weren't so embarrassing so I could talk about it. Talk about how sometimes my mood gets stolen from me by these little souvenirs. It's so illogical but it just makes me feel out of control.

I feel similar about some of mine. One in particular is a name brand and scars from bad coping. Another way I try to look at them is, we survived thatso we must be stronger than we think. To me they are a reminder of what was, not the now (but I know that's hard on somedays to think like that). Sitting with you, if its okay?
Hey One Day,
Thanks for sitting with me, it's comforting to know that someone is listening and can relate.

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