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Posted by BEAANS , 21 July 2013 · 76 views

It's my first day of university and I slept for two hours and forty-one minutes last night. While I was first getting to sleep my partner accidentally hit me in the mouth with his elbow. I now know that I am triggered by the taste of blood. Every time I'd start to loose consciousness the taste would trigger me, I had about five vivid flashbacks last night.
I also had a strange dream this morning. I finally fell asleep some time after 4:50am. At the start of the dream I was at a train station, waiting to catch a train home. The station was in the suburb I went to school in, used to work in, and lived in my second share-house. An announcement was made that all of my trains were cancelled because there was a string of violent attacks taking place on gay people who were coming home on the line from some event. I decided to catch a cab home. When I arrived home, at my childhood home, I payed and left the cab. I then realized I had left my stockings, socks, shoes and jacket in the cab so I tried to call the company up. At this point I was back at the train station where I started.
Then I was inside an old family friend's house. I started to feel sick and I told his mother, who injected a needle through my hand, into the vein in my wrist. I noticed that it had gone right through my hand, rather than into my vein, and showed this to my friend. He said yeah, that it was pretty messed up. He noticed that it was starting to look infected, and after only a couple of minutes a large portion of the flesh on my hand had started to peel off. The pain was extremely intense. I remember feeling the pain in my dream and being semi-conscious but agonized by the pain.
In the next bit of my dream I was sneaking out of the house with my partner, and the man who owns the spray paint shop I used to buy from. We had to balance along a banister on the wall to get out, and I felt him pushing me up to reach it, but I couldn't. He told me "we all have to start somewhere" and I managed to balance along below them. On the way out I notice that someone had carved the word naive into the wall of her house. I thought "I'm not naive".
Then I woke up.

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