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Another Step

Posted by AudraRose88 , 17 May 2013 · 43 views

Well, here's my attempt at another blog. I used to say that people who had to blog online to people they don't know was silly. Why not turn to those around you, but after posting the first, and reading the encouraging comments given, I am understanding why they were created. After finding this website, I decided to visit my mother. Finding I was falling into a place I did not want to be, my mother's seemed like the best place to go. This is the first day I have been here, and even though I know, this is probably a temporary happiness, I am feeling a little better. So far, many have been nice to me here and I am very thankful. I have never been one big on posting my thoughts and feelings online, or to people I don't know. I suppose you could say the idea was rather intimidating, scary, to me. But, each post, each message and each blog is appearing a bit easier to post. I know that if I want to help myself, I have to step out and I have to try. Here's to hoping. I am so ready to start living my life. Instead of the last ten years, which, I can barely remember.

I mean, I was here, I lived those ten years, but depression has made me miss so many important things in my life. Unable to afford professional help only made my hope dwindle more. I am realizing, that maybe I don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to speak to someone I don't know, that may or may not understand what I have been through. It's easier to know that here, there is someone who understands, been where I have been and can offer a comforting shoulder. For once, I am starting to feel a little less alone.

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