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Today is just another day

Posted by Sedona59 , 12 May 2013 · 23 views

When I was younger, I just took whatever holiday that came along and did what "society" expected of me as it expects all of us to do: Buy the heart shaped cookies, decorate eggs, drink green beer, put up our flag, watch the fireworks, buy the candy, eat the turkey, put up the decorations and buy presents, right? As I got older, I searched for the meaning of those holidays and what they meant to me personally. I'm not a drone and I don't think of myself as a lemming that simply follows the crowd of identical lemmings off the cliff. I have always followed the beat of my own drummer in life. So...on to this particular day ...hmmm...in my book, if you are a mother, aren't you always a mother? And if this is so, then isn't or shouldn't every day be that day? I'm not sure exactly where all the hoopla started when society set just one day for children to recognize their mothers. And is that necessary or needed?

Personally, I do not celebrate this day. Not for any type of trigger, but because I just don't find it necessary. Yes, I'm a mother, three times over. I have 3 wonderful girls ages 32, 26 and 17. I'm even a grandmother of a little 1 1/2 girl. I have a rather complex relationship with my own mother, but even having said that, it is not the reason for not "feeling" this day. When I chose to stop giving the day meaning, it no longer held the power that society deems it to have. I suppose that is my perspective and how I choose to perceive this day....a day...as just another day.

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