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Posted by xpiinkx , 11 May 2013 · 15 views

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So now what do i do? Now I'm probably in crisis. Knowing i probably fucked them also while giving another a blow job while asking the next kids in line I'll bee done in A sec..hold on i only have one mouth and two hands..so you gotta wait your turn..Fuck I can't believe this shit.but i can't deny it either...it makes perfect sense..i wouldn't want to touch me either..what the hell did I do in sixth grade for the students.? I don't have a very clear memory of school in sixth grade..maybe only what would as up to a month.i don't recall most of my childhood..it may sound like it..i knew what i was doing at certain period..mainly gaugethe grade i was in.i have very large chunks of time.missing from my memory..the alters were out during these periods of amnesia I'm sure.
But now I'm seeing memories i don't think I'm supposed to know...they aren't my memories.they are the alter personalities memories..this isn't supposed to happen..i haven't known those memories for good reason...i don't think I'd be able to handle what I'd find..i can't this..i am so filthy..dirty..I've taken teen showers.it won't wash off..i can't clean it off me...i can't wash it off it won't comer off..Fuck I'm triggered FUCK...PIINK

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