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My Amazing, Wonderful, Splendid week :)

Posted by PandaLily , 26 August 2013 · 157 views

I am so grateful for how life is going of late. I started taking Celexa and I just can't believe how free I feel of the anxiety that I didn't even know what anxiety, it was just a normal thing that was with me for as long as I can remember. With the easing of the anxiety and depression, comes a new energy. A drive and motivation to make changes in my life for me and for my kids.

It has been a big week for my kids. I have implemented a lot more structure, better routines and we are keeping to the scaled back after school activities so all of this has a chance to take hold. I am so hopeful and happy with how things are going. The kids are easing back into school so well and the mood in the whole house is generally happy. When someone's mood is off (which is of course going to happen, especially with a family of six!) the rest of us seem to take it in stride better. My mood is so much most stable and it feels like I am in control of my mood, not the other way around.

We have 4 members of our house in therapy right now, which makes it a HUGE expense but one that is paying off in dividends. The amount of communication and talking through conflict is ever increasing. It's so wonderful to watch the kids talking things out rather than dealing with it in a more destructive way.

Praying for continued days and weeks like this!! I was in a very dark place for so long that this just feels heavenly. I am scared of it being short lived and I am scared that the boredom that often nags at me will lead me to make poor choices, but I am hoping that just be being more away and present in my life I will be able to deal with these sorts of things.

Glad you are feeling better

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