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A Wonderful Kind of Morning

Posted by PandaLily , 15 June 2013 · 49 views

I woke up today with a smile on my face. I love mornings like that because I know that chances are it means a good day lies ahead. As we got up and got ready to go to work I was struck by the beauty in everyday moments. Moments filled with wonderful ordinary things, like fogged mirrors with smiles drawn on them and steaming cups of coffee with buttered toast on the way out the door. That moment when I open the door and look out into the paradise where I am so fortunate to live, 5 acres of the most beautiful land I can imagine with morning rays of sunlight reaching through the trees and dancing in the leaves.

This is the same house, the same yard and the same foggy mirror that I wake up to every day. The same faces and voices and dogs underfoot. More often than not all of these simple things do not bring me joy. They are responsibilities, annoyances, burdens that I have to bear. Instead of enjoying the simple and wonderful meal before me I worry about the time it takes to prepare and the dishes that will need to be done after. Which is sad really, because there are so many wonderful things in my life for which I am grateful even when that gratitude stays hidden.

But today I am hopeful. I am hopeful that this will not be a day full of regrets and sadness and ever changing moods. Today is a very special day. It is the anniversary of the day that my son was born. A decade ago I welcomed him to the world with open arms and an open heart and in this time that he has been with me I have come to grown and learn so much. Wonderful things and humbling things that he has taught me. And today our only purpose is to celebrate that fact that this wonderful little man exists. And that, my friends, is the very best kind of day.

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