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The day before

Posted by mion_xilolo , 22 April 2013 · 24 views

Why is it we never remember the day before your life changes forever. Its like your reborn the day after all the worst day of your life. You focus so much on THAT day that you never remember the day before. Or even hours before. Nothing. I cant recall what I did where I went, or even who I was with.
So When someone asks me about what I did before that day or how I acted I cant tell them, and for that reason I have been called a lair, told I made it all up for attention. I can relive ever detail of what he did to me. Everything he took from me that day. But just because I didn't tell anyone till years later, Im just supposed to be over it okay with everything. I dont want to be over it, I dont want to forget it, I want to accept it as part of me and learn to live around it...

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