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Just another day

Posted by mion_xilolo , 20 May 2013 · 49 views

Woke up and tried my best not to come to pandys today. It really makes me sad how much I need this place, I am very happy this place is here to help. I guess im just sad cause i need it. If my life never turn on that day when i was 10 i would never of had to find this place :( time to get to my normal day. dishes and house work yeah


Forever in the Past

Posted by mion_xilolo , 19 May 2013 · 34 views

There are thing that bother me daily but they are things that have happened in the past and no one wants to hear about them. Ive done things Im really not proud of, like I slept with my step brother, I slept with my band teacher. And I wish I could take it all back but its forever there and will always be there.

How dose one talk about that kinda thing....

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