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Mistakes--and moving past them

Posted by lotus~flower , 04 January 2014 · 193 views

Today was full of mistakes.
First, my boyfriend was supposed to go on a trip to Belize with his parents but found out his passport expired.
Then I missed some easy shots and got a technical called on me during our basketball game--which we lost.

Both of these problems made the day pretty stressful for me...so I need to take a second and look on the positive side.
First, United fully refunded the ticket. Maybe it's for the best that he won't have to spend 10 days alone with his family! He didn't lose any money for his parents and there won't be any trip arguments to endure. (YEESH 10 days with MY family would be rough).
This will pass.
Second, I did not swear or tell at the ref. the red never told the coach the reason for the technical, so I don't have to dwell too much on it. And my missed shots were NOT what lost the game. Basketball is a team effort and each member of the team (including me) made mistakes that contributed to the loss. I feel that I played hard and stayed positive and encouraging to my team mates throughout the game.
This will pass.

Today mistakes were made. But they are nothing that ruins a life or ultimately changes anything for worse. In 5 years neither of these will matter.


Great attitude!!!

Jan 04 2014 11:49 AM

Admiring your strength of mind!!

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