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New Years

Posted by lotus~flower , in Uncategorized, My Life 02 January 2014 · 101 views

I've never really done New Year resolutions with any type of seriousness, but this year I feel that there are some constructive things that I need to do.
My first resolution is to be patient. I've found myself snapping at my boyfriend and family more and more recently and it's really not fair to them. I need to remind myself to be patient in situations where communication might be a little messy, and by doing so I'll be able to show the people around me that they are appreciated.
My second resolution is to spend more time reading, playing guitar and doing things just for pleasure. I've found myself very busy with school and basketball, and social media takes up a lot of my time. My goal is to get through at least 2 books that aren't for any classes by the end of the year, and learn at least 2 songs on the guitar. I'd also like to do my yoga at least every other day (it's something that I've been slacking on...but I find that it really does make me feel better emotionally and physically, so it's important that I do it).
Finally, I'm making a resolution to be more patient about college. I'm getting really stressed about money and acceptances, but I need to calm down and bit and trust that I'll end up where I need to be.
I'm going to make a huge effort to stick to these resolutions because I believe that they will help me manage my anxiety and help me focus more on things I really need to do to continue my healing process.
Here's to the new year! Posted Image

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