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Posted by lotus~flower , 25 June 2013 · 161 views

The other night I went with my boyfriend and his family to This is the End. I didn't look up any trigger warnings for it...which in light of the last comedy I went to see in theaters (Wonderstone something or other) I really should have. The thing about comedies that I'm beginning to notice is that they're generally funny until they take it way too far. In This is the End there were really funny parts, but also some inappropriate jokes that didn't need to be taken as far as they were. While the movie wasn't particularly triggering (didn't have a panic attack or anything!) it was uncomfortable to sit there and listen to rape jokes with people laughing in the theater around me.
I just hate that I have to look up trigger warnings for any movie I go see. And maybe I'm just a feminist killjoy but WHY ARE RAPE JOKES STILL FUNNY and WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE TO PUT THEM IN MOVIES. Maybe I should just stick to PG comedies where they aren't allowed to put such racy jokes in.

Completely agree. It's unneccessary, insensitive and simply stupid. Some people simply don't care, sadly.

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