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Amazing Johnny Doesnít Fight For Us

Posted by Julie.T , 28 April 2013 · 57 views

Eventually I told my parents about the verbal and emotional abuse that I had suffered with Amazing Johnny. I still canít tell them about the sexual abuse. I told them about his affairs. Separately, I asked them if I should divorce him. I was surprised when both of my parents simply said that I was the only one who could make that decision. Neither one of them offered an opinion either way. This actually made it better because when I did decide to file for divorce, it was my decision alone.

I called Amazing Johnny. I asked him if he wanted to separate. He asked me what that meant. I asked him if he wanted to see other people. He didnít really respond. When I asked him again if he wanted to separate, he just said ďOK.Ē After that phone call, I knew it was over. He didnít fight for us. He didnít say we could work it out. He didnít beg me not to. He didnít say he was sorry. He had no remorse for what he had done.

My next phone call was to a lawyer. I didnít tell her anything about the abuse. I just told her that he had cheated on me and left for DC, and that I wanted a divorce. Iíd like to say that filing for divorce was the end of the nightmare. But Amazing Johnny wasnít finished with me.

Amazing Johnny immediately began telling little lies to undermine my character to my former work colleagues. He happened to be on a trip when I told him I officially filed for divorce even though I had told him my plans before he left. So to the people who he had not told that we were getting a divorce when he went to DC, he now told them that I had purposely filed for divorce without warning when poor Amazing Johnny was on a work trip.

Gosh, what a horrible person I must be. ;)


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