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the sea

Posted by picklewheeze , 02 May 2013 · 36 views

There is an entire continent,
between me and my sea.

The waves lap angrily at the land,
but they will not reach me.

But on my island,
I am alone.

Circled infinitely by the sea,
that grows higher and higher.

My only outlet,
to bleed.

But with every slice,
I destroy myself.

With every blade,
I slip further.

The blood flows like tears.
But I feel no...


Life and Death

Posted by picklewheeze , 16 April 2013 · 27 views

Any thoughts welcome.

Is it possible to consider life without death?
Without death
There’d be no end to great wars
No fight for freedom

How can a man find comfort?
Comfort in peace
In the death of a loved one
And go on existing?

The only difference between life and death
Is breathing
It is our one task

If a man was to sit for his whole life breathing...

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