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A Start

Posted by randomcase , 21 March 2013 · 46 views

Well I am not a fan of blogging but I need to figure out something to help start the healing process. My cousin told me by joining a site like this is a great idea because than I can maybe talk to people that went or have gone through what I am dealing with these days. A year ago I was assaulted, found out I was pregnant two weeks after. At the appointment when I found out I was pregnant I was measuring 4 weeks pregnant (2 weeks from assault). During my pregnancy not only did I believe my sons father was the father but the doctors believed it. Well I had my daughter 3 almost 4 months ago and I found out just a couple days ago my sons father is not her father, which means the guy that took advantage is her father. I don't understand how this is possible, it just not add up. I am angry, hurt, and just lost. Until I understand everything I dont almost refuse to believe this is true. another thing that makes me wonder is that because I didnt know my last period I had to have an ultrasound to determine how far along exactly, the ultrasound said I was 7 weeks and 1 day (5 weeks of the assault). At the ultrasound I saw the heart beat, I saw a baby. I have researched and just about everything i read it showed/stated that there is only a sac on the screen. Idk I just dont get it. But anyway idk Life is just wrong on so many levels.....My goal is not get people to feel bad for me just someone to relate to, talk to someone that is going through what I am going through.

Welcome, randomcase! Pandy's can be a really great place to find support. It sounds like your situation right now is painful and confusing. I am so sorry :(
thank you for responding. Yes I'm hurt and feel lost right now. I was able to accept the assault even though i still was hurt and cant stop thinking about it, but the moment i found out it was going to affect my daughter everything was magnified x10. I just dont know how im gonna handle things if this guy is not found guilty for his actions

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