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we both burned.

Posted by Caught~the~rye , 29 March 2013 · 37 views

"el nomeni el patri et filli spiritus sancti"

That guy said that ,
but take a look at the facts

you need a father for a son
but when the father wants the spirit,
there ends the fun.

"look at the life you leading .."
please stop the pleading
im not leading nothing
in the true meaning of the word im just "being."

well there you have it folks ,
theres my excuse,
giving me my arse to sit on ,
and needing very little proof.

its like your life dies,
but you keep living,
rotting stinking ,
say it backwards "in-giving"

what im trying to hide ,
inside this sociopathic confide,
is that the pain was relativly quick ,
but infernal.
but the hate and evil lives on,
swerve healing ,
that shits eternal.

thats the hand we where dealt..
well play it cards.
instead of staring at three aces
the spade not far .

he markerd a rapist,
and you a lier ,
thats the words.
thats the fire.

so we both burn here ,
together again .
funny enough with you i dont feel the shame.

so heres my advice my counsel to hint .
i may have lost too .
but i dont walk with a limp.

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