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Velvateen Charlotte

Posted by LikeCharlotte , 16 May 2013 · 124 views

Another short entry. After last weekends debacle of being grabbed in a crowd I am afriad of stores, busses, trains and general closeness. I kniw it is irrational. I know it was one person in a huge crowd but it cannot be that I ALWAYS run into that ONE person. It is far more likely that the world is dangerous and these (string of curses) are everywhere. A...


Lost Time

Posted by LikeCharlotte , 15 April 2013 · 29 views

I am keeping this short because I am doing alright other than one incident. Friday night I was triggered, and I am not sure what it could have been. Possibly just an argument.
I don't remember the whole thing clearly. I only remember bits right now but I freaked out. I think I was pushed from behind but I was already upset. I don't know.
My pickin...


Something strange

Posted by LikeCharlotte , 04 April 2013 · 33 views

I'll keep this short. First I was picking, unconciously for a few days, then apparently I've been having nightmares all week. I usually remember them but I only remember a small flash of one. My one eyelid has been twitching for 5 days, possibly from lack of sleep but I don't recall being awake. At some point last night I started feeling dista...


Ripping the bandage off

Posted by LikeCharlotte , in History, My Story, Trigger 30 March 2013 · 127 views

I don't think I can get my story and the various 'incidents' out unless I just write them. I think I need to leave the details for later and get it out into the world. Right now. I am too anxious telling slowly and I can leave the details for later. I am not going to remember everything right now and I'll try to be chronological but I prob...


Anxiety & Behavior

Posted by LikeCharlotte , 29 March 2013 · 26 views

Since I started writing my story and trying to open up I have found myself "picking" and not really being aware of it until I bleed or it hurts. I think it is a dissociation/anxious thing but I am taking a break until I feel I can control it. In the last week or so I have really messed up my scalp.

Maybe I am not as ready as I thought I was. One...


My story part two

Posted by LikeCharlotte , in History, Childhood, Kids, My Story, Trigger 26 March 2013 · 33 views

By age 12 I was feeling things that I still don't understand. I know now that I rationalized all of it and blocked it out. I tried to find ways to get as far away from all of that (see Part one) as possible.

At that time yet another group of girls ganged up on me to attack me,in school several times. The first attack, with three girls at one time, I...


My story part one

Posted by LikeCharlotte , in History, Childhood, Kids, My Story, Trigger 25 March 2013 · 31 views

I am going to put up a blanket trigger warning because I am not sure where this will go. This is about sex and intimacy issues over a period of many years. This is going to be a series of entries so it isn't too long to read.

I am going to have to tell some of my story here in order to explain my problem. Here is ye...



Posted by LikeCharlotte , 25 March 2013 · 14 views

I am not sure if my settings for this blog are correct. Does guest mean people who are not regular members of Pandy's?
I want to let people see my blog but I am not sure if my settings are correct. I don't know anyone here yet so I cannot make a private club just yet. I guess I am just a little nervous. If anyone can enlighten me as to who can see...

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