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Poem - A letter to HIM

Posted by StephEas , 10 April 2013 · 85 views

I know not much about what makes good poetry or what poetry is supposed to look like, but this is something I wrote today, I have never really tried to write anything to my abuser instead of about him. Here's the result:

A letter to HIM

You thought you gave
You gave jobs
You gave money
You gave compliments
You thought you gave

But you took
You took my phone number
I didnít give it to you
Calling me over and over
and over

You took my movie nights
Showing up with no warning
Taking the safety and comfort
from my own home

You took the peace from my calming walks
Interrupting my thoughts with honks of your car
As a secret reminder I was yours,
you still owned me

You took my ability to say Ďnoí
Making me freeze and shiver on hot summer nights
Making me burn with guilt on cold winter mornings

You took my voice, my pride, my peace
Replaced it with fear and doubt,
hidden tears and big tangles of confusion

You took my body
Marking it with your hand prints
That will never
fade away

You thought you gave
But you gave nothing but sleepless nights
And hidden wounds,
Invisible to the naked eye

You took

You took

You took

Until I was standing naked in the cold

Riding home from your house
In tears and shame
Carrying something you gave me
A secret burden
You forced me to take and carry
and never speak of

You thought you gave
but I donít owe you
You took enough
the rest is mine

Amazing! You'r a natural. I bet it felt so good to be able to vent that. I wish i could form all my swirling thoughts into something like that.

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