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Psychological realization so confused

Posted by slcangel , 07 March 2013 · 204 views

ok this is a little weird to put on here seen so has nothing to do with me but for some reason it pisses me off and i'm in tears right now two reason my parents think i'm stupid and just the topic i guess. so my sister who is 10 i guess was looking at porn today while i was supposed to be watching her but i was studying an thought she was downstairs somehow she sneaked upstairs and was watching it so my parents got home and looked at the history an that's what she was doing but here is the thing that pisses me off not the fact that she was doing it the fact that my mother wont take any responsibility at all for it she just blames it on my real dad seeing as he used to watch it all the time when my mom and him were together and just says well i know what she does at your fathers but i'm not saying shes not right but she had parts of it to i mean when you have a 10 year old on the other side of your wall and you decide to be loud during certain things what the hell is a 10 year old supposed to think i mean its kinda psychological perspective monkey see monkey do kinda thing or this case monkey hear monkey find she just doesn't want to think she has any part in it am i wrong in thinking she does, does it just sound crazy?

Mar 07 2013 06:15 PM
This is ridiculous. But people will often blame others for their mistakes. Your mother feels guilty that your sister was watching porn, but can't bring herself to admit that she was part of the problem. So she pawns it off on someone whom it is easy to pawn it off on. It's easier for her to say that it's your father's fault, than to take any responsibility herself. It's how some, if not all, humans work, unfortunately.
well at least someone agrees with me that it is partially her fault she just drives me crazy sometimes

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