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i just cant catch a break

Posted by slcangel , 02 March 2013 · 73 views

sitting in bio lab today i just couldn't concentrate at all no matter what i did i mean yes learning the bones of the body are not the funnest thing to learn but even though i heard what he said i wasn't paying attention i was just in my own little hell i should say i didn't realize i was doing this but after class my best friend who i think of as my big sister said i was just kind of staring into space, breathing kinda heavy and was really pale i guess what i heard and was doing was in my subconscious i was doing the work but i didn't really see that i was doing it i didn't see the paper of my pencil i just saw flashes of my past and i couldn't stop it no matter what i did. i love my sister she has seen me do this before and i'm glad she didn't just try and get me out of it like she did the first time she saw me doing that and i just freaked out because that would have been really embarrassing in front of the class my teacher said something to me out of class and of course my sister was right there with me he asked what was wrong usually i'm not like that and i just told him i had PTSD and it was one of my bad days which doesn't happen often not like that at least and of course my sister said and you really don't want to touch her when shes like that never know what she'll do seen so first time she did and i was like that i guess i punched her i don't remember it but that's what people said so its good that she was there at least to say something and know what was going on i just hate how i get like that sometimes and cant come out of it just have to let it pass

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