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Posted by slcangel , 01 March 2013 · 136 views

today was a little better than yesterday i am still scared and jumpy at everything but it's getting a little better this site and all the support have really helped a lot and reading what other people have to say that they feel the same sometimes makes me feel better. i also decided today to post my story it took me hours to write because i had to write it a little at a time because it was driving me crazy just typing it out and reading it to make sure it made sense how i wrote it and everything but after 6 hours its done and posted i trust everyone on here enough to tell my story so i did and it feels good to just get it all out in the open again off my chest. i am still scared of things and i don't know why good thing that its going away but its making my friends scared for me that i'm so paranoid all the time

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