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the nervousness that just wont go away

Posted by slcangel , 27 February 2013 · 93 views

so sitting in sociology class today and all of a sudden just started to feel like i was being choked granted i have been before by my ex while he was raping why i dont usually were things tightly to my neck my sweatshirts have to fit just right and shirts around my neck or i end up cutting off the thick fabric around my neck to make it looser so anywho took off my hoodie made it alittle better but not much so decided to take one of my anxiety meds helped alittle more but now i just have this feeling that wont go away of the fact that somethings going to happen and i'm gonna get hurt again hate having this panicky feeling especually at school were i cant lock my self in my room and sleep or cuddle up with a good book and just cry just needed to write it out make it seem real an hopefully theres someone out there who has felt the same thing just dont know why it always happenes at the weirdest times or places the unwanted times my brain just doesnt want me to be happy i guess is that normal for what ive been through

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