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Posted by kc504 , 03 March 2013 · 29 views

I don't know where to start. After talking with my mother last week about the sexual abuse I suffered as I child my emotions turned to anger. I have spent the last 15 years trying to forget the years of bullying and harassment I endured only to find out that my parents have been hiding this information from me. Had I not accidentally discovered it they presumably planned to never tell me. The issues I have with my parents go much further. Their refusal to allow me to get my issues on the table and have an honest conversation just drives me to bottle up more anger in an unhealthy way. They make me feel like I am the one being inconsiderate and rude when they have caused me so much pain early on in my life. And the fact is that they have not changed and continue to alienate me. I can't talk to anyone about this because my parents insist on living this facade of an existence and convince me to keep my mouth shut while they live in their fantasy world.

My father is addicted to scams and continues to be manipulated. It doesn't matter how much evidence I show him because he always believes he has the right answers. And he has this way of pressuring people into making bad decisions that makes it nearly impossible to say no. He shuns me emotionally because I have been so vocally opposed to what he is doing. He clearly does not care that he is hurting me emotionally. But I am the selfish brat because I have tried to reason with him and convince him to stop. All my siblings got their education paid for yet I am the one who gets screwed with student loan debt. And I am the one who has to constantly worry because of his foolish mistakes and tendency to trust everyone. I am 26 years old yet he still treats me like a no-nothing kid when it comes to questioning his speculative investments and the people he deals with.

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