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My Journey


Slipped back !

Posted by journey29 , 29 March 2013 · 32 views

Well I had a great 2 weeks of being at peace and somehow I thought I could conquer the world and to the back of my mind I just new it was too good to be true, something wasn't feeling right, I know that I was going to slip up somehow and revert to my dark place. Now I feel so stupid for even trying to be at peace cause its always a constant struggle d...


Old Photos

Posted by journey29 , 29 March 2013 · 29 views

I finally got around to clearing up some old clutter and I came across an old photo from graduation, I just stared at it for a while and it made me sick to my stomach, I look so sad, its so obvious you can see it in all my photos from then, not a smile in any and if there is, it still looks horrid, I can't stand to look at it anymore. I guess it broug...


Dark days are never ending

Posted by journey29 , 27 March 2013 · 29 views

When you least expect it those dark days always hit you like a car travelling 150mph. I thought I was literally on that path to healing, but its so hard to stay afloat, everyday its a constant battle to convince myself that everything's ok, its going to be a good day and I always say to myself why, why, do I have to live like this, its so unfair that...


New Beginnings

Posted by journey29 , 10 March 2013 · 41 views

I feel empowered, I feel strong, I am beautiful, I am no longer weak, I will overcome this, I will achieve happiness!!!!

I have to start turning around my life and start living it for me, finding out who I am, what I like, and not have anything hold me back. Its time to stand up against abuse, its time to flush rape down the toilet, time...



Posted by journey29 , 07 March 2013 · 12 views

Dear Friend,

Sorry I overreacted about this, you just have to understand from my point of view that its a lot to expose my most deepest secret to you, I dont know why i reacted the way that I did, its never happened before, I guess its because I never opened up to someone, or I should say, let someone read my secerets and what I fear most.

Am a wreck, a...


Possible encounters

Posted by journey29 , 05 March 2013 · 16 views

I never really gave it any thought at all until recently, encountering my cousin who sexually abused me, he should not have that title any longer, he is not worth it. I have so much hatred inside me and each time I think of it am so enraged. My abuser has a daughter of his own now and she is about the age I was at the time of my abuse and I wonder if he...


Slowly figuring it out

Posted by journey29 , 04 March 2013 · 14 views

I am not afraid of death, in fact for as long as I can think back to the time of my demise I have craved that one day I shall leave this godforsaken place and be elsewhere where I can find peace in my life.
It may be sick and morbid but I had wished that I had a terminal illness so that I could just die, give up and just let it be done with. It still ling...

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