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Revenge: A Story Imagined (TW)

Posted by free2speak , 01 October 2013 · 78 views

A Letter to David Mc*****
A Specific Redress for Abuse, Torture, and Sodomy at his hands.

Avenging Angel

Your words, David, housed in an evil mind, derived from Sin, are poison to me.
You wrap your hands around my throat, and hiss in my ear, "Say 'Fuck me'. Say it! Say it!"...


a revisiting of the poem Game

Posted by free2speak , 15 September 2013 · 64 views


Water guns gently spray,
Laughter circles laughter like
a couple arm-in-arm,

taking a stroll in the starlight.

Patterns rule like royal edicts,
while I run, driven, afraid,
until I try
and leap
over the obstacles set as hurdles, these
mental constructs that I have made.

People wait as I soar up and tumble down
into the soft ground awaiting me....


My Counselor Was Falsely Accused... I Had to Talk to a Rep Who Was Investigating...

Posted by free2speak , 22 June 2013 · 88 views

This deeply troubles me and I can't talk to anyone about it.

My counselor who I know well was accused of doing the most awful things with a man who is also a client (and I know him enough to know he's full of "sh*t).
My counselor is a sweet woman who has jumped through hoops to show she cares about her clients and though I know something like...


Star-lit healing, day-lit hope

Posted by free2speak , 18 April 2013 · 53 views

I have just emerged, recently, from a black-cast color: the dark color of dissociation and the broken memories that never seem to reflect a whole. I had been in therapy when it happened. Triggered by other members and their own recollections, I felt as sick and detached as I had when I was 7, getting attacked, it seemed, in real-time. I felt as thoug...


Keeping Centered

Posted by free2speak , 16 March 2013 · 40 views

Lately, I have been experiencing a great deal of anger, stress, and obligations from a variety of sources. For awhile, I began to withdraw, from friends and work and from my own sense of authenticity. I just didn't want to be me. So, I began to revert to old childhood habits: reject friends and climb into a little shell of denial and repression....

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