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Posted by pancake , 01 August 2014 · 226 views

after having intrusove thoughts about getting hiv from a tatoo i got years ago i finally went and got a test. i was so scared it would come back positive. i got the results and i dont have hiv, still waiting on the results for hepitius but im so glad i had the results back early and didnt have to wait the weekend. it proved to me that it was my ocd and that i shouldnt listen to rumours. im so annoyed with that stupid little shit who told me that they used dirty needles at the place i had it done. he didnt know the years of suffering he put me though and ppl should be more careful about spreading lies. his only reason for saying that was coz his friend had a tattoo done there which got infected so therfore the needles must be dirty!? i dont even know how to feel now, ive spent like 6 years worrying about this and all because of him, im so angry that people dont think abotu others before they open their mouths. 
on ta plus note she also did a test for iron which i was low on beffore and am still low on so im seeing her to look at that on monday. may explain the lethargy. at least that s aweight off my mind now anyway...until my mind finds something else to worry abotu no doubt!


I'm glad you got it checked out and I'm sorry it's been on your mind so long.

thank you susanna :) flowers are lovely :)

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