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The two fingered salute (poem) (poss trigger)

Posted by pancake , 08 July 2014 · 31 views

The Two Fingered Salute



I was just a child,

my innocence you stole.

My character you were meant to build,

and my heart your meant to hold.


Instead of being what a father should be,

you were evil through and through.

Making me believe that I was bad,

but the bad one was only you.


You changed my path forever,

when you bent and broke my trust.

I had no one else to turn to,

my soul was always hushed


I was forced to be your muse,

i was nothing more.

i was your object of desire,

i felt like a whore.


You made me believe that i was worth

the dirt from off the street.

I had no love, no warmth and care,

no comfort while i weep.


In my innocence i loved you,

i thought you were a star.

But every touch and every betrayal,

left only one more scar.


As i have grown older,

i see you for what you are.

This truth will not be silenced,

by any person or remark.


I was worth so much more,

and still am to this day.

Moving forwards is my path,

you do not have a say.


Can you see me moving on?

Iv'e fought this desperate plight,

the darkness had a hold on me,

but out of darkness comes the light.


I am no longer afraid to be,

what my soul dictates.

That fear of finding out I'm like you,

starts to dissipate.


Can you see me from where you are?

I am no longer yours!

I live my life for ME now,

Iv'e wriggled from your claws.


My life will flourish more and more,

in this im resolute.

and as i wave goodbye to you,

i give the two finger salute!



By Pancake

December 2014

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