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moving on.

Posted by pancake , 07 February 2013 · 146 views

I feel like ive finally got myself to a point where i feel ok with moving on. Ive cried out alot of pain over the last year. I didnt want to be independant for fear of not needing to be looked after. Ive never looked after myself and i was afrid that if i was independant i would realise i didnt want to be with my boyfiend. I dont know what will happen with him, right now we are just friends but i refuse to keep myself in a state of needyness in order never to find out. Its taken years but im taking the first steps to doing things I want to do on my own. I know it will not be an easy struggle but the first step is a line dancing class on monday :O)

good for you hun line dancing sounds like fun hugs
thanks fairies :)

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