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In my Head...


Sin was not his name...but it fit him...my story, may trigger...

Posted by broken78 , 08 February 2013 · 34 views

Every since I could remember I had been abused. I was abused as a baby and to this day I have been abused. I suffered abuse at the hands of my mothers, my ex stepmother, some boyfriends, an ex husband ( shockingly still do ), honestly my current boyfriend I feel does too ( just not as noticeably, at least he wouldn't see it ), and my rapist. S...


a look into my life before I joined here..( a better way to get to know who i am )

Posted by broken78 , 05 February 2013 · 31 views

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

okay so I guess for now until i figure out how to get my password right or at least afford someone to fix the problem i will have to write here. I have done gone and lost my mind with trying to figure it out that I totally and completely forgot what it was that I wanted to write about...that stinks! I reall...


what's it all mean..

Posted by broken78 , 05 February 2013 · 40 views

I was going to call the doctors office this morning and make an appointment to get looked at since I have been under the weather the last few days. Well before I could call them they called me. I had some blood work done last week to be tested for lupus since it runs in my family. Well the one test came back postive. She said my a&a was up. Someth...

June 2016

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