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Posted by Maritimelady , 25 January 2013 · 32 views

My first "blog". I just thought I would describe me.

I am a realist. I hate it when things gets sugar coated. Just tell it to me straight and let me deal with it.

I am an action person. If there is a problem I want to fix it, if I don't know how, I go to the library, and research it so I can fix it. Drives my husband crazy. lol

I am a fantastic Mom! Sounds self congratulatory, but it's true. lol

I am a great wife! I work very very hard at this, and my husband is a great husband who works very very hard at it too. We have been married for 25 years, built a good life together and know it's not an accident or just luck that keep us together.

I am a good friend. (my friends may or may not agree ;)

I do NOT make friends easily. I have lots of acquaintances, but only 3 GREAT friends.

I have no patience for people that drink alot or do drugs.

I don't care if people "like" me. I am who I am and deal with it.

Opinionated! I bet whoever reads this got this real quick. ;)

I am friendly and talkative. If I like you, give you the shirt of my back. Doesn't mean you get to know me though.

I am from a big family. 5 siblings, 27 Aunts and Uncles plus their spouses, and way to many cousins to count.

My Mom's brother raped me when I was 17. I am now 45. I am not over it, I live with it, I deal with it, I hate it, and sometimes I don't deal with it.

I tried to kill myself in June.

I hear you.


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