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1/25/13 11:59pm

Posted by bluebird88 , 25 January 2013 · 73 views

it's a beautiful night tonight. a few years ago i wouldn't have bothered to get off my bed and go see it. a few years ago i wouldn't have bothered to give my little sister a hug goodnight, or laugh with my little brother, or play with our crazy white cat, Chicken. i wouldn't have bothered, a few years ago, to say "i love you- drive safely" to Dad, on his way out the door to work. i would rather have stayed in my room all day, than spend a moment with my mom- talk with her, laugh with her.
a few years ago i would have slept through a night like this. the moon is astoundingly bright. the air makes me feel as if i could fly or as if i could dissipate into my own happiness.
i breathe freely. i breathe. i am happy to be alive.

I am so happy for these special joyful moments for you.

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