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just ranting.

Posted by bluebird88 , 25 January 2013 · 72 views

i hate it when people try to give me advice on how to deal with this, yet they have never been through what i have been through. they have no idea what the hell they're talking about. they don't know what i'm feeling or what i'm dealing with- so they need to shut the hell up.

i hate it when people call me crazy. i feel like if those people had gone through what i've gone through- damn straight, they'd be exactly like me. maybe worse, even. it's so much easier to judge a person than to sympathize with them, even if you can't understand their problems.

i hate it when people tell me that i need to "get over it." yeah, ok, you try experiencing a sexual assault and see how easy it is to just "get over it." i fucking hate it when people say that to me. they have no idea how much that enrages me.

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