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purple shirt & white stuff

Posted by EVH , 14 August 2013 · 55 views

Sneaked out to smoke. Found a nice place to sit down and think. He sneaked out with me. We were looking at the stars. He asked me what if I could pick a star for myself, my very own star and start a new life there. What kind of place would my star be? Well, it would be a safe place. A place filled with light. No darkness. A place without pain, abuse, hematomas, tumors and memory loss. Just like in one of my dreams. I come into a room and I see this light, so strong that I can't breathe. The noise stops. My hallucinations are gone. And pure silence surrounds me. Then this person wrapped in thousands of layers of this light and wearing a purple shirt and brown boots is holding my hand and suddenly I remember. Everything. It can feel some kind of energy shooting through my body and I start remembering. Spirit said he was there too. I just wish I could erase my past, pick one of these beautiful stars and start over. I wish I wasn't here tonight waiting for more bad news. I wish this person wearing a purple shirt and brown boots was real. The energy. The light. The memory. The silence. The cup of tea with the white stuff.

I wish I could dream again

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