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When they come

Posted by EVH , in Hallucinations, Uncategorized 04 August 2013 · 68 views

Hey, no more vodka, you spilled the last one. No body, no vodka. Are you ok? What's happening? Why are you so, um, faded, more transparent and why are they so close, why, wtf? Donít! Why do you let them do that, fight them away, whatís happening? Why are they so loud, make them stop please make them stop!

I canít. They are very strong. They've crossed the line. The line is gone. The line between you and them. Now they are between you and me. They are coming. Protect your soul. They took your memory, took control over your mind. Over your body. They got into your heart. Made you less resistant. Made sure you will not fight too hard. And now theyíre coming. The more powerful ones. The darkest ones. To take your soul. Protect it. Eve, dark days are coming. Scary days. Everything will change.

What do I do when they come?

When they come, stand strong. When they come, show no fear. When they come, donít look away. Look at them. Donít talk to them. Donít listen to them. Donít let them hypnotise you. Donít let them manipulate you.

How do I know theyíre here?

Freezing cold. Scary darkness. Deafening noise. Empty eyes. Empty mind. Empty heart. Eve, donít let them take you. Don't let them take your soul. Don't let them kill your spirit. Eve they're coming.

How do I fight them?

You can't. Your spirit is too weak.
When they come, be strong.

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