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it never gets easy

Posted by EVH , 01 August 2013 · 43 views

Having a bad day today. A really shitty one. Turns out I might have forgotten my life, but my life hasn't forgotten me. Oh it remembers me! That's why it always knows exactly when and how to hit. So just when you thought you could spend your day hiding under the bed feeling so very sorry for your-fucking-self, fighting your hallucinations and some other ridiculous shit because you're fucking sick in your fucking head having a brain ready to explode anytime without warning, oh then your life comes and knocks you out. Then it comes to remind you it never gets easy. Deal with it. The question is, do I want to deal with my life-shit? My shit-life? What's the point? Maybe I could pretend I don't exist? Maybe I could just disappear? Find a new bed to hide under. Where my life wouldn't find me.

Beautiful garden, where have you gone?
My self delusions are leaving me in the storm
Taking for granted, all the goodness that I've found
Somewhere I lost all, the control came crashing down.

Beautiful morning, please don't wake me from my sleep
'Cause I need some comfort, to regain my sanity
I don't want to feel this crazy,
I don't want to feel discarded,
Shattered in a million pieces,
Nowhere left to run
Nowhere left to go
So I hope

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