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The most magical hug

Posted by EVH , 19 July 2013 · 76 views

Packing. Leaving soon. It's time.

Funny all the things you find in your closet when you're about to move and pack your stuff. I found brand new inline speed skates, Bont, proudly Australian since 1975 and making the best and fastest speed skates in the world. Great skates for advanced skaters. Full carbon/leather boots. Never used. Not even heat molded. I didn't know I do speed skating.
I also tossed a huge pile of my clothes. So wherever I'm heading next I'll have to go shopping there, I need new clothes. And shoes. I always need new shoes. But to be honest I'd wear the carbon boots if I could. I love them.

So, yeah, looks like I'm leaving. I'm leaving the place I call home. For the first time in years I felt like having found what I was looking for. And I lived in so many cities. Never staying for long. Looking for the perfect fit. Against all odds. Quitting jobs. Moving from place to place. Living like a nomad. Upsetting my family. But knowing exactly what I want. And looking for it. When I said Australia they laughed, saying it's never gonna happen. I proved them wrong. Like I did many times before. When I arrived in Melbourne I thought to myself, you idiot. It was cold, rainy, windy. I got sick. Spent 4 weeks in bed. Then I made the best decision in my life. I decided to go to Brisbane. I didn't know shit about Brisbane. But it felt right. I had this feeling, you know this voice in your head telling you: do it, now or never. So I flew to Brissy. I arrived in the middle of the night. It was raining. A cold night. But I knew I was home.

Now I'm sitting here in my bedroom packing. Where am I going this time? I don't know. But I know that I will miss home. I'll miss Australia. Do I regret anything? No. I don't. I met someone who has changed my life. A girl who has changed me. I've never met someone like her. Incerdibly smart, unbelievably intelligent, huge heart, funny, amazing. A beautiful mind. A beautiful spirit. Pure la stravaganza. Always believing in me. Fighting for me. Not giving up on me. Climbing my wall patiently and never complaining about how tough it was. I've learnt to trust her. I've learnt to talk to her without pretending to be someone I'm not. She has shown me the beauty of friendship, being a friend who knew me as I was, understood where I have been, accepted what I've become and still gently allowed me to grow. I might not remember her. I might never see her again. But thanks to her I'm in a place that no one else will ever get to experience. I'll keep her in my heart forever.

6.31 am. I don't have much stuff so it shouldn't take long. Then I can get drunk.

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