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You belong here

Posted by EVH , in Hallucinations, Uncategorized 15 July 2013 · 92 views

Good morning


Do you know who I am?

No, I don't. You're my halluciantion. Aren't you?

So you don't remember me?


Hmm I'll show you something. See this email? It's from your brother.

I can't read.

I know. But there are photos. Look

Is this my brother?

You don't recognise him?


Yes this is your brother. Your nephews and your mom.

Oh ok.

Are you ok?

I don't know. I feel dizzy.

Ok. What about her? Do you know who she is?

No, I don't.

And now?

No. What's her name?

Look at your butterfly. Do you know its name?


That's her name.

Oh. I didn't know.

It's ok. Now you know. And it's important that you know. It's important that you know it's ok to talk to her.


One day you'll understand. One day you will meet her and then you will know why. And you will remember. You will understand.

But I have nothing to say. How can I talk to her?

Oh you two have a lot to say to each other, don't worry, you will know what to say. And now tell me why you are still here?

What do you mean?

Why didn't you die the other day, on Wednesday? You had a choice. I didn't stop you. So why are you still alive?

I don't know. Maybe I was scared?

Scared? No. You weren't scared. Someone who is scared doesn't do things like that. Someone who is scared doesn't cut like you did. So why?

I don't know.

Why do you want to live? Look, you're still here dealing with this. Why? Find the answer. It will lead you to the light.


Yes. You will understand when you meet her. You will see it. The light.


You haven't checked your results, have you?


Your final grades?

No. I haven't. but I don't have to check the results to know that I failed. My doctors said it's impossible for me to pass the exams, quizzes and assessments.

Ok. But do it anyway alright?

I can't read.

Focus. You can. And if not, you can learn to read.

I can't. I don't know how. I'm tired

I know you are. Check the results. Fight.

Will you stay with me?

I can't. I'm sorry. Please don't cry... What's wrong?

Everything is wrong. It's wrong all wrong. Please don't go. Don't leave me alone. I want to go home. Please.

I can't stay. But you're not alone. And your place is here. I know you miss home. But you belong here. Fight.

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