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Condemned To Desolation

Posted by EVH , in Hallucinations, Uncategorized 07 July 2013 · 59 views

What do you want?

See how youíre doing.

Ok, you came, you saw, now go.

Eve, what are you doing?

I donít know. What exactly am I doing?

Giving up, not taking your meds and this, stop it your stitches will break open, stop please.

What? Now you care? Now you care about my stitches? Where the fuck were you on Wednesday? When I needed you. Called on you? Where were you? Just donít tell me you donít remember- itís my specialty. Go. Just go. I donít want to listen to this.


Stop saying my name. Please, stop it. Stop. Shut up and leave. Go. Get the fuck out of here. Fuck off. Go!

Do you feel like missing something? Or someone?

What are you talking about? More riddles? You better give me some answers or fuck off.

I donít have the answers.

So what the fuck are you doing here? Go. Just go ok?

Your memory is getting worse isnít it?

Jesus why canít you just fuck off man?

Do you know what La Stravaganza means?

Yes, I do? What the fuck? You donít know or what?

You know why you love it?

Because Vivaldi was a fucking 18th century genius and his music is mind blowing?

Or maybe because everything happens for a reason.

Oh Jesus, seriously? Here we go again, your lessons and your reasons. Shut up.

If you know what La Stravaganza means then here is my answer, discover it in you. Find your excellence.

Fuck off.


Which part of fuck off donít you understand?

The surgery...

Stop it now. Shut up. Shut the fuck up. And leave. Now. Go. Fuck off!

I think...

NO! First of all you canít think. Youíre a hallucination. Youíre not real, you donít have a brain ergo you canít think. And second of all I donít give a damn what you think. Not anymore. I made my decision. So go. Fuck you. Fuck you!!!


Eve my ass.

Youíre not alone. Stop running. Open your heart. Keep talking. Keep writing.

Shut the fuck up. Stop it. Please stop. You donít know anything about me. I live in a tiny world created in my head and in this little world of mine I AM alone.

Can you let me in?

I can't. You canít get in. No one can. I donít know where the key is. Leave me alone. Please go. Iím sorry. Iím exhausted. I made this decision and Iím exhausted. Iím tired. Go. Please just go. Please

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