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Silence is pure

Posted by EVH , in T-Sessions, Uncategorized 11 June 2013 · 73 views

I sit silently and watch the world around me. They say we live in silence. They're wrong. We never live in silence. Survivors never live in silence. Our bodies, our scars and our tears. What we say, what we do, what we decide and what we choose. The way we live our lives, the way we think about ourselves, the way we see ourselves when we look in the mirror. It all screams about our past. Our past is never silent. We are never silent about our past. People listen to us but never hear us. People look at us but do not see us. They touch us but never touch our hearts.

So I have never really lived in silence. Now I do. In the silence of my words that remain unspoken. In the silence of my own voice that remains unheard. In the silence of my own little world that remains unseen. But it's the silence that makes you truly hear, truly see and feel. Don't be afraid of your own silence. Embrace it. Listen and hear. Look and see. Touch and feel. When you hear voices, it's not you who is crazy, it's them who is deaf. When you see shapes, it's not you losing your mind, it's them who is blind. If you feel that you share your body with other "people" you're not insane, it's them who don't understand.

If you believe in reincarnation, soul travel, soul evolution, on this journey of you will discover that the voices and the shapes - it's you, your life and the people that joined you on your journey and influenced your life in a good or in a bad way. We are all one soul. And it's all inside of you. It all travels with you, within you from one life to another, from one body to another and when the time comes it has to manifest itself to make you see. Hear. And feel. To make you understand what your life is all about. It can manifest itself through extreme hapiness, joy or pain. Extreme feelings open up the gates for you. The gates to your very self, to your very existence. To your inner centre. And then you hear. And then you see. And then you feel. The pure element of yourself. Find it. Protect it.

When you learn the language of silence you realize silence speaks louder than words. Hear it. Feel it in your heart. Lose yourself in it. Silence is pure. Silence is holy.

"Silence is like a river of grace inviting us to leap unafraid into its beckoning depths. It is dark and mysterious in the waters of grace. Yet in the silent darkness we are given new eyes. In the heart of the divine we can see more clearly who we are. We are renewed and cleansed in this river of silence. There are those among you who fear the Great Silence. It is a foreign land to you. Sometimes it is good to leap into the unknown. Practice leaping."


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