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Let me entertain you

Posted by EVH , in T-Sessions, Uncategorized 29 May 2013 · 44 views

If you think your life is boring, come and spend one day with me. Snacks provided. Coffee all you can drink. Let me entertain you.

Today I wanted to pack my bag, But to be able to pack a bag, you need...a bag. Of course I didn't remember where it was. You know the feeling of looking for things like everywhere even in places they wouldn't even fit in??? like the bag in the fridge,??? Heh yeah. Decided to check in the car. But couldn't find the....car keys. Spent the next 41 minutes on looking for my car keys. Found them. Nope, not in the fridge, not in the dryer. In my backpack tadaaa. Ok, figured I better take my house keys too. But... yep that's right couldn't find them either. So put the car keys in a safe (!!!!) place where I was sure I'll find them later and went on a quest to find my house keys. Found them 28,5 minutes later, nooo of course they weren't lying on the kitchen table, bastards. Good. House keys check, car keys...shit. 30 minutes later I found myself thinking why I wanted to go to the car in the first place. Ok. Think. Analyze. Oh yeah my bag. Hmm why do I need my bag? Am I going somewhere? hmmm 20 min on checking my notes. Success!!! Bag, flight, Germany, clinic blah blah blah Found the bag. No, not in the car. In...the closet. No comment! Found it amusing and started laughing. Freak. Made some coffee. Gluconeogenesis. well I do remember that. heh how pathetic. My life is pathetic. I'm pathetic.

Got to buy some food. Ran out of choc easter bunnies. Pretty sure I'll forget it anyway or get lost on my way back home from Coles or something. Not cool. F*cking drugs. Well sometimes you have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life.

I don't even remember why I'm writing this heh

Glad to entertain you whenever you need.

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