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What happened in Sydney

Posted by EVH , in T-Sessions, Uncategorized 24 May 2013 · 109 views

(T-session recording/Translation from German blah blah blah)

T: You know you can stop hiding in the closet now right?

Me: Meh I kinda like it in here

T: Why?

Me: It's small, much smaller then the world, you can see where it begins and where it ends, I need definite things right now. My thoughts are trapped in here and it's easier to analyse them. My fears are trapped in here too and it's easier to face them in the dark. All cats look the same in the dark right?

T: How about you take a box, like this one. Put it all in there.

Me: Doc get a bigger box then we'll talk hehe

T: Ok, tomorrow then. Got a pillow in the closet?

Me: heh that reminds me of someone, "Dude get a pillow"

T: So someone actually knew about you closet-thing?

Me: Yeah, there was someone. Someone who knew much more.

T: Who?

Me: Nevermind

T: Painful stuff?

Me: Yep

T: Want to talk about it?

Me: Nope

T: We will have to talk about it one day...

Me: One day, maybe

T: What are you thinking about right now?

Me: cytric acid cycle?

T: liar

Me: Sydney

T: What happened in Sydney?

Me: bad things, things that have changed everything, things that scared me and it's not easy to scare me

T: What things?

Me: I couldn't remember what happened till today. I thought I did, but I was wrong. I got an email today. I didn't want to read it but I did, a few minutes ago. Now I remember what happened.

T: Want to tell me about it?

Me: Can we stop here for today please? I can't go through this today.

T: Sure. Get a pillow and get some sleep. Watch a movie. Read a book. Or maybe go out with a classmate? Don't be alone today ok?

Me: Is this a joke? Coz it's not funny...

T: Sorry just trying to find a way to make you feel better.

I'm here and reading. Sitting with you.

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