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Gee you're weird

Posted by EVH , 27 February 2013 · 96 views

"Gee eve you're weird"
Gee C. fuck you & your cinnamon double latte macchiato crap
Unbelievable that people like her study to become therapists and will work with patients one day...
Is money all that matters today? What about the passion to help?

Feel so sorry for their future patients

Some people just need a high-five. In the face....


Tabula rasa

Posted by EVH , 27 February 2013 · 97 views

A few weeks ago I discovered that I can make my once huge childhood dream come true. Or at least a part of it. I study to become an MST therapist.

When I was a kid my dad infected me with the sport-virus. He showed me the beauty of running. I love you dad. I hope you can hear me wherever your soul might be right now. And remember never stop running....


Remember little girl, never ask for help...

Posted by EVH , 13 February 2013 · 130 views

I've found this post today and it says everything I feel every freaking day ...

You're silent - you're a weirdo. You try to speak out - you're being treated like a weirdo. Looks like for every door I open, I get two slammed in my face. WTF is wrong with you people out there???!! Like you were all so picture perfect and normal....


I'm a liar

Posted by EVH , 06 February 2013 · 220 views


Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies...

I’m a liar. I lie to people in the street, in the grocery shop and at work. I lie to people at school, to my neighbours, to my family. Everywhere I go and everyone I talk to - I lie. And I smile.

I lie when people ask me how I am. I lie cause what else can I do? What can I say? How about this: “Well I was...

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