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Posted by loimprevisto , 08 March 2013 · 44 views

I just got promoted at work and am trying to settle into a new job with greater responsibilities. In therapy I have begun to uncover new, disturbing memories. My wife is 5,000 miles away, trying to help my mother (who needs detox/rehab and is taking care of my 97 year old grandfather). Things are going poorly. My cousin is also there- mooching off the family, neglecting his daughter, and doing a bad job of hiding his heroin habit. I'm taking care of two children and a dog by myself.

So... I'm a bit stressed right now.

I used to think that stress didn't affect me, that I could tough everything out and weather any storm without a problem. Lately I've been doing better about recognizing the stress in my life and the effect it has on me and it's helped to develop resiliency... but I still find myself wishing for a lighter load instead of broader shoulders.

I hope the pressure eases soon and you can have some much deserved rest!

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