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The trial is moving forward

Posted by Btappan , 09 March 2013 · 36 views

Well everything has been at a standstill for 4 1/2 years until now! My lawyer had to summons my "aunt" (I'll call her Barb), to give her deposition in court. Barb was supposed to go to court on 2 separate occasions but she didn't show, the court granted failure to appear for both dates. She is being her own lawyer! She really thinks she's smarter than everyone else, she's just plain crazy. She lied during her deposition, my lawyer filed a motion to strike! My cousin is completely on my side since she screwed him over really bad! He knows a lot more than I thought, he doesn't know about the abuse first hand but he does know about plenty of other things like, the porn that was in that house. My cousin was always the one blamed when Barb would find it. My cousin has also gathered many more people that knew a lot!
After Barbs deposition she went to her work and swore her head off about me, saying I'm a liar and I'm just trying to trash her dead husband. She's playing the victim! Far from it! She also told people that my lawyer had the nerve to ask her why she never had sex with her husband and why she slept on the couch! I really hope to get sweet revenge! I haven't talked to my lawyer since I've talked to my cousin but I sure will talk to her real soon! It's good to have witnesses now, I was alone thru this with no one to back me up. I now have more people that I ever thought I'd have!
Hoping its over soon! I'll update again when I get more info!
Well wishes to all!

Go for it!

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